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Jeremy & Zhianna's Enchanting Engagement Shoot at The Ringling

The Ringling gardens photos
The Ringling Sarasota

On the bright and beautiful morning of June 16, 2024, I had the pleasure of capturing Jeremy and Zhianna’s engagement shoot at The Ringling in Sarasota, FL. As the photographer from DRichJr Media, it was an honor to be part of this special moment, especially on Father's Day. The early morning light at 10 AM provided a perfect setting for their enchanting engagement photos.

A Majestic Venue: The Ringling

The Ringling in Sarasota, FL, is a stunning venue known for its breathtaking architecture, lush gardens, and serene waterfront views. This historic estate, with its combination of art, culture, and natural beauty, offers a myriad of picturesque backdrops. From the grandeur of Ca' d'Zan to the tranquil gardens and the captivating museum courtyard, The Ringling was the perfect place to capture Jeremy and Zhianna's love story.

A Morning to Remember

The early morning session at 10 AM was a wonderful choice, providing soft, natural light that enhanced the beauty of the surroundings. Jeremy and Zhianna were radiant, their joy and love evident in every shot. The peaceful atmosphere of the morning made for a relaxed and intimate shoot, allowing the couple to fully enjoy the experience.

Capturing the Love

As their photographer, it was a privilege to document the genuine moments of connection and affection shared between Jeremy and Zhianna. The Ringling's diverse scenery provided countless stunning photo opportunities. Whether it was the elegant arches of the museum, the romantic walkways of the gardens, or the stunning waterfront views, each location added a unique charm to their engagement photos.

The Beauty of The Ringling

The Ringling is renowned for its spectacular views, and this engagement shoot was no exception. The vibrant colors of the gardens, the intricate details of the architecture, and the serene ambiance of the waterfront created a magical setting. The beauty of The Ringling complemented Jeremy and Zhianna's love perfectly, resulting in photos that are as timeless as their relationship.

Thank You, Jeremy & Zhianna

Jeremy and Zhianna, thank you for choosing DRichJr Media to capture your engagement photos. Your trust and confidence in my work mean the world to me. It was an honor to document your love story at The Ringling in Sarasota, FL, on such a special day. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, love, and beautiful memories as you embark on this new journey together.

morning engagement shoot Sarasota
The Ringling Engagement Shoot

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